On leadership, change and trust

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What kind of leader are you? Do people trust you? And what do you fear?

change-fear-300x289Feelings like trust, betrayal or fear are not often considered or discussed in organizations.

Deep-seated fears — of looking ridiculous, losing social status, speaking up, and more — can become real obstacles in a manager’s life. While few executives talk about them, deep and uncontrolled private fears can spur defensive behaviors that undermine how they and their colleagues set and execute company strategy.

Read an interesting article by Roger Jones from Vantage Hill Partners (UK) published by Harvard Business Review on What CEOs fear, that can affect the whole organisation and the board (based on a study done with 116 CEO in 2014).

How to decode resistance to change :

HBR published a number of good articles on this topic, like this one.

How to earn legitimacy and trust as a leader

GP-trust-leadershipIs there a crisis of trust in leadership in our organisations?
View the HBR interview of Gianpiero Petriglieri, associate professor at INSEAD. He discusses the challenges leaders face when trying to build trust and explains how to overcome them.

book-trust-betrayal-in-workplaceOn this topic, we also recommend the excellent book by Dennis & Michelle Reina,
“Trust and Betrayal in the Workplace:
Building Effective Relationships in Your Organization”.
In this 3rd edition, the authors provide the most detailed
blueprint available for building highly effective,
trust-based connections and organizations.