Meet 3 BRIC leaders

The so called BRIC (Brazil, India and China) are often in the spotlight as the new emerging global players, showcased through impressive business success stories and a booming economy. But they have also inspiring more humble leaders who change their society, and may be a bit ours. They do from within, moved by passion and heart, driven by a vision and true commitment. In this talk (a performance without powerpoint but with great narrative fluidity) you will discover 3 BRIC leaders introduced by an ex-banker who became a social entrepreneur.

Good leaders have tried to connect worlds they didn’t know existed before. They’ve built bridges, and they’ve walked across them. They have a sense of the great arc of time and their tiny place in it.

Fields Wicker-MiurinSocial EntrepreneurCo-founder of Leader's Quest

Fields Wicker-Miurin wants to improve the quality and impact of leadership worldwide by discovering leaders in unique, local settings and connecting them with one another. She is co-founder of Leaders’ Quest, an organization that brings together leaders from around the world to learn about key trends in their regions, and to explore their role as leaders. Through regional “Quests,” leaders learn how their efforts are interconnected and have the potential to improve the world at the global level, too. Leaders’ Quest is cross-cultural, interdisciplinary, and multi-generational.