• Meet 3 BRIC leaders

    The so called BRIC (Brazil, India and China) are often in the spotlight as the new emerging global players, showcased through impressive business success stories and a booming economy. But they have also inspiring more humble leaders who change their society, and may be a bit ours, from within. Discover 3 BRIC leaders moved by passion and heart, driven by a vision and true commitment, introduced by an ex-banker who became a social entrepreneur.

  • Motivation at work

    To foster motivation at work, you must understand the underlying drivers first. And behavioral science proves that money is merely one of them. Meaning, acknowledgment, pride are more important. So why do managers forget that?

  • Can you hear the beat of life?

    The sound of life is all around us, still! But for how long? Bernie Krause rings the alarm with his soft and wise voice. Mother Nature is crying in a deafening silence, telling us to shut up and listen. Try it in your garden and then spread the word by sharing this video!