• Réussir, c’est (aussi) une question de chance

    (/ FR) Si comme le disait Pasteur, “La chance ne sourit qu’aux esprits bien préparés”, alors comment provoquer votre chance, comment vous y préparer, comment créer des opportunités, les identifier et en retirer les fruits ? Découvrez le en moins de 10′.

  • Leadership: the Lollypop moment

    The word “teaching”, in French is “apprendre” meaning both learning and teaching. This very special interaction is a chance to change the world by nourishing open minds. We can all have an impact, even if it is just on one individual. Isn’t that a comforting new definition of leadership?

  • On leadership, change and trust

    What kind of leader are you? Do people trust you? And what do you fear? Feelings like trust, betrayal or fear are not often considered or discussed in organizations. Deep-seated fears — of looking ridiculous, losing social status, speaking up, and more — can become real obstacles in a manager’s life. While few executives talk […]

  • On Leadership

    Why are some companies more successful than others? Why do brilliant talents want to join one company instead of others? Why are some corporate visions more inspiring than others? Eywa went on a quest to find out data and talks about leadership to answer some of these questions.