• Empathy: it’s all about being connected

    Her Acronym : E for Eye contact/Eye Gaze M for Muscles and Facial Expressions P for Posture A for Affect (expressed emotions) T for Tone of Voice H for Hearing the Whole Person (understanding their context) Y for Your Response  

  • Coaching organizations

    The success of an organization, whether private or public, business driven or not-for-profit, depends on its ability to embrace change, to anticipate major social shifts and market trends and to engage its people in the process. Through its tailored coaching programs, Eywa helps you in doing just that!

  • Réussir, c’est (aussi) une question de chance

    (/ FR) Si comme le disait Pasteur, “La chance ne sourit qu’aux esprits bien préparés”, alors comment provoquer votre chance, comment vous y préparer, comment créer des opportunités, les identifier et en retirer les fruits ? Découvrez le en moins de 10′.