Coaching organizations

The success of an organization, whether private or public, business driven or not-for-profit, depends on its ability to embrace change, to anticipate major social shifts and market trends and to engage its people in the process. Through its tailored coaching programs, Eywa helps you in doing just that!

Challenges in corporations

Many situations can benefit from coaching in organizations:

  • integrating a new position (recruitment, internal promotion, restructuring, succession planning)
  • specific challenges linked to a position or to a major organizational shift (new business objectives, merger, acquisition)
  • a need to enhance leadership capabilities at any level of the organization
  • a need to improve social and emotional intelligence of line managers and employees (team building, managing stress & conflicts)
  • managing career transitions (relocation, structural change, pre-retirement, training or long absence return)

Eywa helps Human Resource professionals, managers and team leaders to tackle these challenges and more.

Together we will draft a coaching contract with the organization and the coachee and draw a road map to define objectives and key milestones, as well as evaluation criteria. The format of the coaching sessions is fully tailored to your needs (place, duration, content, frequency) in order to fit in the day-to-day agenda of the employee or the team.

We provide coaching in English and in French. With more than 20 years experience in an international business environment, we have developed a true capability to build on cultural differences.

For the evolving non-profit sector

Foundations, associations and other social organizations are today facing major shifts in their way of working and approaching their donors and other partners. Organizational coaching may be of help in cases such as:

  • review of the vision, mission and values of the organization
  • changes in governance and internal organization (process, resources, people)
  • skills and competence development of employees and volunteers
  • fundraising strategy, from audit to implementation and training of personnel
  • crisis management

We work together with your Board, your Management Team, Project Team and other external stakeholders through co-creation workshops, focus groups and team coaching sessions.

Before starting a major change project, consult us!