They trust us

Eywa® enjoys a diversified customer base in Europe and Asia Pacific. We develop long-term partnerships with our clients and are committed to deliver high quality tailored consulting and coaching services. Built on mutual trust and engagement, our relationship is nurtured by openness, authenticity and pragmatism.

I was amazed by Marianne’s capacity to understand the Australian culture and the role of non government organisations in this society. Marianne’s creative thinking and analytical mind with regard to change management is inspiring. She is so professional in her approach to her work and yet makes the process refreshing and fun. Her concepts are thought provoking and she leaves you with the energy to maintain the momentum. Thank you Marianne for being so ethical and the beneficiaries of your work all wished you lived in Australia!

Marie Mercer, Principal Guardian at Department of Justice & Attorney General, Public Prosecutors Office, Sydney (Australia)

I immensely enjoyed your course and what I got out of it. I especially enjoyed that you were able to present it from a professional’s point of view. I think this was advantageous compared to a professor teaching the course, because you were able to show how your class applies to the “real world”. That gives a lot of value to the field of sustainability, by demonstrating to us how many opportunities there are as future-professionals. So, thank you. I look forward to using the course as a reference point as I continue on my academic and professional journey.

Ean Tierney, USAInternational studentBusiness School Strasbourg