Embracing change, from vision to action

  • Eywa® is a boutique consultancy providing advisory, coaching and communications services to corporate, institutional and non-profit organizations. We support them in taking up their political, strategic and operational challenges.

    Our main focus is on sustainable business transformation and change management, combined with a structured implementation, as well as consistent marketing and communication strategies.

    To support the change process from within, we coach leadership and management teams, non executive Board members and employees. We provide individual coaching to support career changes and facilitate life transitions.

    We also guide entrepreneurs and creatives to optimize their work/life balance.

  • Our clients appreciate our co-creation approach that helps mobilizing the complete organization. Together we create a shared vision and clarify the mission. We elaborate inspiring business models, before setting the course on a full fledged business plan and drawing a realistic roadmap.

    To speed up the transformation process, we act also as project leader and interim manager from program design to implementation.

    Building on these foundations, we draft a consistent, integrated and effective communications strategy. With a hand’s on approach, we shape annual plans and budgets, including evaluation tools. We deliver turn-key projects and implement key actions while transferring our know-how to the client’s teams.

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